We produce all kinds of Lug Cap, Screw Cap, Aluminum Cap, Tank Cap, PE Gasket, Printed of Iron and Aluminum…etc.


1.bubble evenly: material inside a closed (closed cell) uniform fine bubbles.
2.Physical stability: weather resistance, low temperature resistance, solvent resistance are good.
3 through the EU ROHS standards, no heavy metals and halogen-free additives.



1 applies to fragrances, essential oils high volatile liquid alcohol and organic solvents.
2 aluminum (Al) plus polyethylene (PE) material, both flexibility and chemical resistance.



1 will continue to produce gas contents apply after bottling.
2 Use breathable membrane bottle gas emissions, can block the liquid does not leak out of the bottle.



1.Japanese company Mitsui Hi-Sheet gasket material, mainly made ​​of LDPE, PP film surface recombination.
2.PP gasket PP film due to surface with high gloss, and impermeable, now widely used in advanced cosmetic package.



Gasket_OPP Adhesive
1 double-sided adhesive gasket attached behind and cut into rows for easy access.
2 in transit and ensures consumers use the gasket on the cover securely.



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